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Discovering History
Discovering History is a complete 1-volume textbook for both Higher & Ordinary Level Junior Ce..
Footsteps in Time Vol.1 & 2 Revised
Footsteps in Time Revised Edition is a substantially revised two-volume textbook that covers all a..
History Resources & Revision
Allows students to revise for the exam whilst becoming familiar with the exam paper format. Divide..
Know Your History Workbook
Know Your History Workbook provides a bank of extra questions and exercises for Junior Certificate..
Living History 1
A Junior Certificate History textbook suitable for Ordinary and Higher level. Computer genera..
New Complete History Textbook
COMPREHENSIVE Carefully designed to fully satisfy all the requirements of Junior Certificate ..
New Complete History Workbook
A beautifully designed, full colour workbook – the perfect companion to the New Complete History t..
Shortcuts To Success History Junior Cert
Shortcuts to Success teach you the exam success tips that have been shown to work.  Written ..
Uncovering History 2nd Edition
Uncovering History Second Edition provides increased exam focus for the student and a wealth of re..
Learning Outcomes and Keyword Journal
This 160-page journal provides a structured method for students to take note of, and revise, the ..
The Past Today 3rd Edition
Bridging the gap towards the New Junior Cycle, this new edition of The Past Today includ..
The Past Today 3rd Edition Skills Book
The Past Today Skills & Resources together with The Past Today textbook provide..
Timeline 2nd Edition
A new and updated version of the highly successful 'Timeline'. This complete one-volume text has ..