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21st Century Business Revised Edition
This new and comprehensively revised edition of 21st Century Business has been written to reflect ..
21st Century Business Workbook
This new and comprehensively revised workbook has been written to reflect the changing economic ci..
Business Extra Workbook
A comprehensive workbook for Leaving Certificate Business suitable for both Ordinary and Higher le..
Business Resources and Revision 2nd Edition
Business Resources and Revision Leaving Cert Second Edition Mentor Books Full Colour Study Guid..
Global Business New Edition
Global Business Author : John O'Connor Global Business 3rd edition is more up to date,more e..
Revision By Definition : Business
Author : G O'Connor A compact pocket-sized book that enables the student to easily and quickl..
The Business
A complete text covering all the material for the Ordinary and Higher Level Leaving Certificate Ex..
The Business Workbook
The Business Workbook A workbook to accompany the text, The Business, for the Ordinary and Highe..
Business Express 2nd Edition
Business Express 2nd Edition 2016 includes the latest syllabus changes introduced by the Departmen..
It's The Business
A new and comprehensive text for Leaving Certificate Business that includes all examinable materia..
Learning Outcomes and Keyword Journal
This 160-page journal provides a structured method for students to take note of, and revise, the ..