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120pg Copy
 120pg Copy Ormond or Aisling Brand will be supplied Wide Rule & Margin ..
120pg Copy 10 Pack
120pg Copy 10 pack 10  Ruled and Margined copies ..
9x7 Hardback
 9x7 Hardback 120pg  HSB Brand   ..
9x7 Science Hardback
 9x7 Science Hardback Graph on one side and lined on the other. Product may be different..
A11 88pg Copy
 A11 88pg Copy Ormond or Aisling Brand will be supplied     ..
A11 88pg Copy 10 Pack
A11 88pg Copy 10 Pack Ormond or Aisling brand supplied Ruled & Margin   ..
A12 40pg Copy
 A12 40pg Copy    Ruled & Margin   ..
A4 Graph Pad
 A4 Graph Refil Pad 80 sheets/160pg   ..
A4 Hardback 160pg
 A4 Hardback 160pg Bestselling HSB Hardback ..
A4 Hardback 5 Pack
 A4 Hardback 160pg Pack of 5 3 Blue/2 Red Supplied   ..
A4 Manuscript 120pg 5 pack
 Great Value 5 Pack of 120pg Manuscript Copies.   ..
A4 Manuscript Book 120pg
 A4 Memorandum 120pg Bestselling HSB Brand         ..
A4 Memorandum Copy 40pg
 A4 Memorandum Copy 40pg   Ruled A4 Copy   ..
A4 Nature Hardback
 A4 Nature Study Hardback  One page lined one page blank   ..
A4 Science Hardback
 A4 Science Hardback 160pg  HSB Brand   ..
A5 Hardback Girls Design
A5 Hardback 160pg Style and colour may vary. Size : 6"x 8" approx   ..
A6 Hardback Notebook
 A6 Hardback Notebook  Style and colour may vary.   ..
B2 Handwriting Copy
 B2 Handwriting Copy.  Red and Blue Lined.Also Known as Headline Copy or Learn to Writ..
B4 Handwriting Copy
 B4 Handwriting Copy  Red & Blue Lined .Also known as a Headline Copy or Learn to ..
Blank Copy Book
Plain Day Copy Blank 40pg Copy with White Pages     ..
C3 120pg Maths Copy 7m 5 Pack
120 page Maths Copy C3 also called C5 ..
C3 88pg Maths Copy
 C3 Sum Copy 88pg 7mm square maths copy   ..
C3 Maths Copy 88pg 5 Pack
C3 88pg Maths Copy 7mm squares Pack Of 5 ..
Junior Sum Maths Copy 10mm
Junior Sum Copy Book 1cm (Large Squares) 40 Pages   ..