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A Way With Words 1
 A Way With Words 1 for First Class   For First Class, the book contains: a wide ..
Ex Tax: €9.85
Bears Fairs & Aeroplanes
 Bears, Fairs and Aeroplanes, 1st Class Book   Fireworks is a complete English languag..
Ex Tax: €10.50
EDCO Oxford Primary Dictionary
Ex Tax: €8.95
Exercise Your English 1
Exercise Your English is a fantastic new series of colourful activity books, written by experienced ..
Ex Tax: €9.15
Expert At English A
This text is a Language Skills book for 1st Class Pupils. Comprehensive language book. Sect..
Ex Tax: €8.90
Exploring Spelling 1
Ex Tax: €6.25
Fallons Spelling and Table Book
Fallons Spelling and Table Book..
Ex Tax: €7.75
Finns Dream Activity Book 1 Reading Zone 1st Class
Reading Zone For First Class - Finn's Dream Activity Book 1..
Ex Tax: €6.40
Finns Dream Core Book 1 Reading Zone 1st Class
Reading Zone 1st Class Core Reader: Finn's Dream   Complete story with characters from Infa..
Ex Tax: €6.90
Go With The Flow Handwriting C
Go with the Flow provides a carefully designed and sequenced programme to enable the introduction of..
Ex Tax: €6.25
Handwriting Today A
Book A - Letters are introduced in Book A where young writers practise word shapes and formations be..
Ex Tax: €6.99
Handwriting Today B
Handwriting Today is a comprehensive cursive handwriting programme for Irish students.   Bo..
Ex Tax: €6.99
Jasper Saves The Day
Jasper needed a new home. When Katie saw him in the pet shop she loved him at once and couldn't wait..
Ex Tax: €6.30
Jolly Phonics Word Book JL790
A handy teacher’s resource providing useful lists of words made from the individual letter sounds an..
Ex Tax: €3.30
Just Handwriting 1
Just Handwriting Series First Class Includes Practice Copy • Junior Infant to Second Class Book us..
Ex Tax: €4.95
Just Write 1
Just Write 1 Introduction to joined script writing The Revised Curriculum recognises the need..
Ex Tax: €6.30
Lift Off 1st Class
Lift Off First Class Lift Off Key Skills in English is a series of independent supplementary act..
Ex Tax: €7.99
Look Listen And Learn First Class
Look, Listen and Learn! First Class This Activity Book, for First Class provides: a multi-sen..
Ex Tax: €8.10
Modern Handwriting 1
Modern Handwriting Book 1 is designed to facilitate the following aspects of the teaching of handwri..
Ex Tax: €7.65
My Handwriting Workbook B
Handwriting Workbook for Primary School Published by Primed..
Ex Tax: €6.99
My Personal Word Book
My Personal Word Book..
Ex Tax: €4.50
My Spelling Workbook B New 2nd Edition
My Spelling Workbook B. Published in 2011  ..
Ex Tax: €6.99
Onwords And Upwords 1
Onwords and Upwords 1 provides the child with a comprehensive experience of phonological awareness. ..
Ex Tax: €9.75
Pirate Pat
Pirate Pat core book 1 Big Box Adventures Fiction, Non-fiction and Poetry are presented in th..
Ex Tax: €6.95