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A Way With Words 5
 A Way With Words 5 For Fifth Class, the book contains: a wide and varied menu of compre..
Ex Tax: €10.50
Call Of The Sea Reading Zone 5th Class
Call Of The Sea: Reading Zone 5th Class This 5th Class book contains 22 story units and eig..
Ex Tax: €17.50
EDCO Oxford Primary Dictionary
Ex Tax: €8.95
Exercise Your English 5
Exercise Your English is a fantastic new series of colourful activity books, written by experienced ..
Ex Tax: €10.50
Expert At English 3
Expert at English 3 is a language skills book designed to develop expertise in a wide range of writi..
Ex Tax: €10.50
Exploring Spelling 5
Ex Tax: €6.95
Fallons Spelling and Table Book
Fallons Spelling and Table Book..
Ex Tax: €7.75
Fallons Spelling Book
Fallons Spelling Book Author : Liam Campbell..
Ex Tax: €5.25
Handwriting Today C
Handwriting Today is a comprehensive cursive handwriting programme for Irish students.   Bo..
Ex Tax: €6.99
Handwriting Today D
Handwriting Today is a comprehensive cursive handwriting programme for Irish students.   Bo..
Ex Tax: €6.99
Jolly Grammar 5 Pupil Book (Print) JL836
Ex Tax: €6.45
Jolly Grammar 5 Pupil Book JL828
Ex Tax: €6.45
Just Handwriting 5
Just Handwriting Series Fifth Class   • Junior Infant to Second Class Book use pre-cursive ..
Ex Tax: €4.95
Lift Off 5th Class
Lift Off Fifth Class Lift Off Key Skills in English is a series of independent supplementary act..
Ex Tax: €9.75
My Personal Word Book
My Personal Word Book..
Ex Tax: €4.50
My Read At Home Book 5
My read at Home Book 5. As this is an independent series it can be use in conjunction with any readi..
Ex Tax: €13.05
My Spelling Workbook F New 2nd Edition
New Editon spelling workbook for 5th Class..
Ex Tax: €6.99
My Word A Day 5
My Word a Day is an innovative series of oral language skills books, with particular emphasis on voc..
Ex Tax: €4.95
Onwords And Upwords 5
Onwords and Upwords 5 provides the child with a comprehensive selection of punctuation features and ..
Ex Tax: €10.70
Reasons To Write 5
An integrated approach to writing for 5th Class. A full-colour, student-friendly creative writi..
Ex Tax: €10.95
Return To Troy Book & Workbook
Return To Troy Set (Book and Workbook) Author : P. Feirtear..
Ex Tax: €6.90
Return To Troy Workbook
Return To Troy Workbook Author : P. Feirtear..
Ex Tax: €2.10
Spell Well 5
The Spell Well series has a structured, multi-sensory approach to the teaching and learning of spell..
Ex Tax: €7.85
Spellbound 5
Spellbound 5 Colour is used to highlight blends, digraphs, prefixes, onsets, rhymes etc. Word..
Ex Tax: €7.25