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Geo Nua
GEO NUA is a full Irish translation of New Geo – the number 1 Junior Cycle Geography text on the mar..
Ex Tax: €33.95
German Grammar Workbook
German Gramar Workbook For Junior Cert This workbook offers the student practice in the main eleme..
Ex Tax: €12.40
Gleasnotai Ardleibheal JC
Junior Certificate Higher Level Áis chuimsitheach athstaidéir ar an siollabas Gaeilge, Ardleibhéal..
Ex Tax: €11.95
Gleasnotai Gnathleibheal JC
Gleasnotai Gnathleibheal Junior Certificate Ordinary Level..
Ex Tax: €11.95
Good News Bible
Good News Bible - Schools Edition..
Ex Tax: €16.95
Graimear An Draoi
A modern Irish Grammar book suitable for Post Primary Ordinary and Higher Level. Lots of exampl..
Ex Tax: €9.95
Graimear Meanscoile
Cúrsa Gramadaí do Mheánscoileanna. Tá an saothar seo dírithe go huile agus go hiomlán ar dhaltaí meá..
Ex Tax: €14.60
Grammaire Pour Tout Le Monde
Grammaire Pour Tout Le Monde For Junior Cert ( Sometimes used in Transition Year and Leaving Cert) ..
Ex Tax: €15.50
Health and Wellbeing: SPHE 1
Ex Tax: €12.95
Healthy Choices
Lifeskills for Social, Personal and Health Education By popular demand, the North Western Health B..
Ex Tax: €7.00
Healthy Living
By popular demand, the North Western Health Board Lifeskills series has been revised, redeveloped an..
Ex Tax: €7.00
Healthy Times
Healthy Times - 2nd Year Student Workbook  Healthboard Lifeskills For Social, Personal And ..
Ex Tax: €7.00
History Resources & Revision
Allows students to revise for the exam whilst becoming familiar with the exam paper format. Divided ..
Ex Tax: €11.95
I Belong 1
This is a SPHE book for the three year Junior Certificate course. Book 1 has been written for 1st Ye..
Ex Tax: €12.20
i Wonder
iWonder is a new 1st year book for the Junior Certificate Higher and Ordinary level.   A..
Ex Tax: €19.95
Impact 5th Edition Textbook
Updated edition of this bestselling CSPE textbook, taking into account all recent major social and p..
Ex Tax: €18.95
Impact 5th Edition Workbook
A completely revised edition of this workbook, now with an eye-catching, full colour design. It is t..
Ex Tax: €12.95
Indigo 1
Indigo 1 is the first in a two-volume series covering the Junior Certificate English course and is s..
Ex Tax: €15.95
Introducing ICT
Introducing ICT The assignments are graded and progressive, to suit all abilities, and cover word ..
Ex Tax: €19.95
Iontas 1
Iontas 1 is a new and exciting 1st year text, tailored to the new format of the Irish Junior Certifi..
Ex Tax: €25.75
J'ecoute Je Lis Jecris
Full-colour updated edition of the highly successful J’écoute!, Je lis!, with a revised emphasis on ..
Ex Tax: €16.95
Je Comprends Bien
A course for Junior Certificate Aural French at Higher and Ordinary Level. The student book is ac..
Ex Tax: €19.50
Junior Cert Technology
This Technology book provides excellent preparation for the Junior Certificate exam at Higher and Or..
Ex Tax: €21.40
Key Skills In English Higher Level 3rd Ed Junior Cert
Key Skills In English Higher Level New Third Edition Author : John Moriarty..
Ex Tax: €17.95