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Geographical Investigation Rivers
Leaving Cert Geography Geographical Investigation: Rivers Author : Sue Honan..
Ex Tax: €9.95
Geography Today 1
Geography Today is written by a highly experienced, bestselling author team and covers all the con..
Ex Tax: €29.95
Geography Today 3
Ex Tax: €23.95
Global Business New Edition
Global Business Author : John O'Connor Global Business 3rd edition is more up to date,more exa..
Ex Tax: €36.95
Hamlet Folens
A tragedy by William Shakespeare for Leaving Certificate English. This edition includes : - A ge..
Ex Tax: €12.65
Hamlet Gill 2018 Ed
Ex Tax: €12.95
Horthemen Leaving Cert
Hörthemen is a new, up-to-date book containing aural and vocabulary comprehension exercises. It pr..
Ex Tax: €23.45
ICT Skills For The Classroom
ICT Skills In The Classroom Adopts a ‘learning by doing’ approach, where skills and concepts are b..
Ex Tax: €35.99
Into The Deep
Into The Deep Author : Tom Gunning..
Ex Tax: €22.50
Investigating Physics
Investigating Physics • Covers both the Higher and Ordinary Level courses with material and questi..
Ex Tax: €37.99
Issues Of Justice & Peace
Issues Of Justice & Peace Section F Author : Barbera Raferty..
Ex Tax: €15.95
It's Your Life
It's Your Life SPHE book for Senior Cycle Author Fiona Chambers; Anita Stackpoole..
Ex Tax: €23.95
King Lear Folens
King Lear Edited By : Patrick Brennan..
Ex Tax: €12.65
La Pluma
La Pluma Author : Livia Healy / Ciara Rock..
Ex Tax: €22.60
Language In Action
Language in Action focuses on the Comprehension and Composition skills that are tested in Paper 1 of..
Ex Tax: €20.90
Language In Focus
This thoroughly revised edition of the best-selling book Language in Focus comprehensively prepares ..
Ex Tax: €26.10
Le Francais Oral
Le Francais Oral 3rd Edition This book covers the Leaving Certificate oral French course. The stud..
Ex Tax: €20.05
Leas Ardleibheal
Leas Ardleibheal Teacsleabhar urnua ata i Leas ata dirithe ar dhaltai Gaeeilge Ardteiste, Ardleib..
Ex Tax: €28.95
Less Stress More Success Art History Leaving Cert
Less Stress More Success: ART HISTORY Revision Leaving Cert: Concise revision of the most popul..
Ex Tax: €9.99
Lifelines Book & Workbook
Lifelines 2010 Edition Book & Workbook Leaving Certificate Home Economics for Ordinary and Hi..
Ex Tax: €38.95
Liofa Ardleibheal
Líofa Ardleibhéal is an exciting new textbook covering the Leaving Certificate Higher Level Irish or..
Ex Tax: €23.70
Liofa Gnathleibheal
Líofa Gnáthleibhéal is an exciting new textbook covering the Leaving Certificate Ordinary Level Iris..
Ex Tax: €22.60
Living Today Textbook
Living Today Leaving Cery Home Ec Concise presentation of each topic, following the syllabus close..
Ex Tax: €36.99