Bonne Nouvelles 2 Textbook & WB

Bonne Nouvelles 2 Textbook & WB
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ISBN: 9780714417769

Bonnes Nouvelles 2 is the second in a two-part series designed to prepare students for the Junior Certificate French examination. It continues the unique storyline based around four Irish students and their French pen pals. It explores four areas of France where the French students live and reveals their way of life and culture. In addition to meeting the requirements of the Junior Certificate examination, the book presents France as a real and interesting place, with a strong cultural focus throughout.

As with Bonnes Nouvelles 1, there is a separate textbook and workbook. The workbook ensures a record of work completed. It is also a useful revision guide for the student.

Bonnes Nouvelles 2 further develops the key skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking. Both the textbook and the workbook are student-friendly, colourful and lively. Unit 1 includes revision and expansion of first year work, while the themes covered in subsequent units include food, travel, health, leisure and careers. The material suits mixed-ability classes.

A wide range of exercises, suitable for Junior Certificate standard, test the students’ knowledge. These include crosswords in every unit to reinforce vocabulary, quizzes and comprehensions. For easy reference, there is a ‘lexique’ at the end of each unit and an extensive list of vital vocabulary and verbs at the end of the book. Grammar is presented in a clear and concise manner in each unit with relevant exercises following immediately in the workbook.

Unit 9 is devoted to Junior Certificate examination preparation. It includes advice, strategies and practice material on all sections of the examination. This stand-alone unit can be approached at any time as students progress and as teachers consider suitable for individual classes.

Mary Meagher is a teacher of vast experience and the author of numerous French textbooks.


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